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Welcome to the first official Terra-Jet Website! We now have a new website: The New Official website is Terra-Jet.US This is where the latest Terra-Jet information can be found. Terra-Jet on Facebook: Group page: Terra-Jet Worldwide. Two Facebook pages: Terra-Jet

Please call us or E-mail for more information or questions. (See contact information below) On the new Terra-Jet.US website orders can be placed for quick delivery.

We are your Terra-Jet Utility Vehicle store on the Web. Look No Further!  Just look on the top left of your screen at the eight (8) pages on our website.  Click on the page on the top left for more infomation.  Click on any picture for more details.

We would like to introduce our business and explain the goods or services we have to offer. People don't want to spend time figuring out what a business does, so our home page will highlight the most important features of both our business and our web site. We understand that you demand the best utility vehicle on the market with features that stand up to the most demanding conditions.

TERRA-JET Goes...Goes...Goes...Everywhere for Work, Fun and Recreation.

Plant: TERRA-JET U.S.A.   Innis, Louisiana U.S.A.

Terra-Jet utility vehicles are four wheel drive, steers like a car and seats three people. The driver sits in the center. Features include economic air-cooled, 4 cycle engine that averages 30 MPG; two forward speeds plus reverse; constant four wheel traction; all steel frame; roll bar; rack & pinion steering; electric starter; and many more features and options. Ideal for industry, sportsmen, farmers and family recreation.

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

6152 LA Highway 1 Batchelor, Louisiana 70715
Plant Location
14184 Hwy. 417 Batchelor, Louisiana 70715
Phone: 225.452.0330


Many satisfed customers say, Terra-Jet is the best off road utility vehicle on the market today! TERRA-JET...Rated Number 1 For: Performance, Appearance, Durability.

Terra-Jet U.S.A.
General Manager

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